As a homeowner or business owner, it’s important to protect your assets. Whether you live in a high crime area or not, the fact is that every home or business has vulnerabilities. In most cases, these vulnerabilities take the form of glass windows or doors. While your windows and doors can add to the aesthetics of your building (and provide lots of good natural light), they can also be turned into easy points of entry for thieves and other criminals.

Installing steel mesh for windows can do a lot to make your home or business more secure without sacrificing the flow of natural light or the overall aesthetic beauty of your space. Well-made stainless mesh is considerably more difficult to get through than a glass window. At 3S Screen, we can provide high-quality stainless-steel mesh screens to make your home or business safer than ever before.

Why Use Stainless Steel Security Mesh?

Perhaps you’ve had a break-in at your home or business in the past, or maybe you are trying to reduce your risk level so that you can cut down the amount of money you are spending on insurance. Either way, stainless security mesh can do a lot to provide extra security, safety, and peace of mind.

Not only can these screens serve as a barrier against threats, but they can also be a considerable deterrent. Remember that most burglars go after homes or businesses that are easy targets. They aren’t in this game for the challenge. Most criminals are looking for a quick smash and grab, which means they want to get in, grab something valuable and then flee the scene. Vulnerable and easy to break ground floor windows are attractive to thieves because they indicate a simple point of entry and exit.

To protect your building, one of the best things you can do is eliminate that ‘easy target’ assumption. When a criminal looks at your home or business, you want them to see a high degree of difficulty. You want them to see a building that is difficult to breach quickly or discreetly. You want them to see a high likelihood of getting caught, or at very least failing to get their hands on anything valuable. Steel mesh for windows can send all these signals and more.

Choosing the Right Security Mesh in Melbourne

Melbourne businesses looking for stainless steel security mesh should look no further than 3S Screen. Our mesh is woven from high tensile stainless-steel wires using the highest quality German looms. We use only marine grade 316 stainless steel wire and take the time to test each wire before fabrication. The result is an extremely strong, durable, corrosion resistant security mesh. If you want to protect the windows or doors of your home or business, our stainless security mesh is the perfect option.

Are you interested in learning more about 3S Screen? Give us a call today to get started on your security door or window mesh.

Protect Your Home or Business with Stainless Security Mesh for Windows and Doors from Melbourne’s 3S Screen


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