3S Screen are security mesh suppliers for Melbourne who offer a variety of metal screen solutions and can customise your order to suit your needs. Our mesh increases the security of windows and doors by providing a barrier that is difficult for vandals to penetrate. Security mesh for windows also protects your glass from inadvertent objects from breaking your windows.

The durability of Security Mesh in Melbourne

To ensure the longevity of our mesh, we offer marine grade security mesh made of 316 stainless steel, which increases its corrosion resistance. Our marine grade mesh is specially designed to withstand the oxidating effects of salt water, and our screens pass a rigorous salt spray test as well.

We increase the life of our security mesh with black powder coating which provides a durable seal to lock out the element. Powder coating uses an electrostatic attraction between the solid paint particles and the stainless-steel screen. Once the paint completely coats the screen, it is cured in an oven which turns the powdered paint into a durable film coating.

Powder coating lasts much longer than spray painting and is considered the most durable painting technique in the industry. It is also better for the environment than spray painting because it doesn’t contain the toxic solvents or volatile organic compounds of spray paint. You can be assured that we only use high-quality processes when manufacturing our security mesh.

Security Mesh for Windows Is Better Than Screens

Security mesh provides the same benefits as traditional window screens and so much more. Window screens allow fresh air into your home or business without obstructing the view, but traditional screens provide no security for you or your windows whereas security mesh for windows offers additional benefits.

It turns your windows into difficult entry points to deter would-be criminals and uninvited guests such as rodents because they can’t chew through it. Security mesh keeps people and pets in your home as well. A small child or your dog can easily push through cloth screening and fall from a window, but security mesh keeps your kids and pets inside. If you need security mesh suppliers in Melbourne contact 3S Screen and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

3S Screen - Suppliers of Security Mesh for Windows in Melbourne


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