3S Screen provides perforated sheet metal panels to help you create a private yet aesthetically pleasing barrier between your garden and the rest of the world. Your garden allows you to escape the world and immerse yourself in nature, so you want a garden wall that enhances the natural beauty and not distracts from it. We are perforated steel panel suppliers that can create panels for your garden wall that complements your beautiful surroundings.

Benefits of Corten Steel

Corten steel weathers to create an exquisite patina that blends in beautifully with natural landscapes and protects the metal which is why it is commonly used for landscaping. It is easy to maintain because it doesn’t require painting or weatherproofing and will last for years. An occasional cleaning to wash off debris is the only maintenance it needs.

The industrial feel of Corten steel fits seamlessly into contemporary landscape and building architectures. We can soften the feel of the Corten steel with perforated metal panels that have been laser cut to include leaf, tree, or flower designs or you can make it more edgy with sharp geometric patterns.

Corten may corrode excessively if it is constantly wet so precautions should be taken to ensure adequate drainage. If you live in an area that is very humid, has many foggy days, or receives salt spray; Corten may not be the right type of perforated sheet metal panels for you. Runoff from the Corten steel can stain other materials such as concrete if you place it too close.

Many Choices in Perforated Sheet Metal Panels

If Corten steel is not for you because of the climate conditions or because you don’t desire the natural rusty appearance it provides, we have other options for garden walls. We can offer mild steel or aluminium perforated metal panels which can be finished or unfinished.

If you want a finish on your perforated sheet metal panels, we provide an array of powder coating colours from which to choose. Powder coating is the industry gold standard for painting processes because it creates a durable finish that protects the metal from corrosion. It is easy to maintain and requires no special maintenance.

If you want to enhance your garden with a custom-made wall or fence created from aluminium or steel panels, contact 3S Screen. Even though our facilities are in Melbourne, we are perforated steel panel suppliers for all of Australia by shipping directly to our customers.

3S Screen Are Your Suppliers for Perforated Sheet Metal and Steel Panels to Enhance Your Garden


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