Are you looking for a way to gain a bit more security and privacy in your garden or backyard, but also trying to avoid something that will cut down on natural light or detract from the natural beauty of your outdoor space? If so, then our laser cut garden screens at Melbourne’s 3S Screen are the perfect idea for you.

Getting Your Privacy Back with Laser Cut Garden Screens

Especially if you live in close quarters with your neighbour, adopting laser cut screens for your Melbourne home can be a terrific option. It’s not easy to have privacy in a garden or backyard space when your neighbour is enjoying his backyard less than five metres away.

Sure, there are options for getting your privacy back. You can put in a hedge, or you can install a fence. However, these options also have their drawbacks. Hedges take up a lot of space and aren’t the easiest to maintain. Fences, meanwhile, can block views and natural light, and leave you feeling like you are still indoors even though you are outside.

Opting for a laser cut metal screen from Melbourne’s 3S Screen is a terrific alternative that can preserve your views, light and privacy. We manufacture these screens in a variety of different sizes and thicknesses and can also take custom orders. Perhaps you want to build a fence of laser cut screens, or maybe you want to alternate between screen panels and more traditional stretches of fence. Whatever design you have in mind for your garden or backyard space, we can help you achieve it.

How to Choose the Right Design for Your Laser Cut Garden Screens in Melbourne

While privacy is certainly one of the reasons to invest in laser cut garden screens, the aesthetic quality of these designs is just as big of a reason. Laser cut screens can add a unique and timeless visual quality to your garden or backyard. Paired with the right plants, sculptures and furniture, these panels can make your outdoor space feel like a self-contained little park.

At 3S Screen, we dedicate ourselves to helping you find the perfect design for your laser cut screens in Melbourne. Enjoy a silver sheen with stainless steel or aluminium, or get a weathered look with rusty steel.

Alternatively, go the powder coated route to expand your colour options. Next, choose a pattern design for your laser cut, from geometric patterns to nature-friendly designs such as trees, leaves or flowers. Whatever aesthetic you have in mind, we can help you create it.

Whether you want a laser cut metal screen in Melbourne to win back your privacy, to prevent animals from bothering your flowers and vegetables, or to add to the style and look of your backyard area, 3S Screen is standing by to lend a hand. To learn more about the types of designs we can create, give us a call today.

Forget the Fence; Try out a Laser Cut Metal Garden Screen for Your Melbourne Home


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