When it comes to security mesh for windows and doors, the go-to material tends to be stainless steel. Certainly, stainless steel is terrific for this purpose: it’s incredibly strong, and it looks terrific. However, there is also another option: aluminium security mesh. If you are in the market for security gates or screens for doors or windows, you might be wondering about the benefits of aluminium and whether it’s a better fit for your home or business.

Aluminium versus Stainless Steel: Understanding the Differences

The most oft-repeated characteristics of aluminium tend to be that it’s lightweight, durable and extremely resistant to corrosion. These characteristics make it an ideal option for security screens, which is why we are proud to be aluminium security mesh suppliers at 3S Screen.

Aluminium is a naturally corrosion resistant material, which is part of the reason we started manufacturing aluminium mesh for windows and doors. Our aluminium mesh has been powder coated to provide extra durability and put through rigorous salt spray tests. We can confidently say that our mesh will not rust—no matter the pressures put upon them. Our stainless-steel security mesh is also highly corrosion resistant, thanks to the marine grade 316 steel we use and to the custom powder coating we apply to all mesh we manufacture.

So, what is the difference between our aluminium security mesh and our stainless-steel screens? There are two major differentiating factors, both due to slight differences in design. Our stainless mesh is woven together from individual steel wires, while our aluminium screens are cut and perforated from sheets of aluminium. The perforated design of our aluminium screens mean they offer slightly more security than our stainless mesh does. This factor makes our aluminium screens especially popular for front doors or street-facing windows. The perforated design also makes for a smoother surface, which means that our aluminium screens are slightly easier to clean.

Count on 3S Screen as Your Stainless Steel or Aluminium Security Mesh Suppliers

Whether you decide on stainless security mesh or a perforated aluminium safety screen, you can rely on 3S Screen as your supplier. We always deliver high quality product designs from the finest materials because we know that the security of your home or business is what’s at stake. Regardless of which option you prefer, be sure to request a quote today.

The Benefits of Aluminium Security Mesh for Windows and Doors—and Where to Find Suppliers You Can Trust


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