3S Screen creates perforated aluminium panels by incorporating holes throughout the product. Most of the standard hole shapes are circles or squares, but we can customise designs and patterns to suit your needs. Aluminium perforated metal is a versatile material that can utilised in different industries and different applications. If you need a perforated aluminium sheet in Melbourne, we can provide one that matches your specifications.

Uses of Perforated Aluminium Panels

Perforated metals provide interesting components to architectural design and builders integrate them into railings as infill panels or fencing screens. Its decorative attributes make perforated aluminium attractive materials for cladding on buildings or sunshades and privacy shades for windows.

Even though it is usually seen as an aesthetic addition to buildings, it provides functional benefits as well. Aluminium perforated metal as a façade provides savings on heating and cooling costs of the building by allowing ventilation while blocking some of the sun’s radiation. It’s also an important element in sound control and it reduces excess noise from nearby highways.

Other construction uses for perforated metal include stair treads, glass reinforcement, and ventilation grills. The automotive industry uses it in a variety of parts that require air ventilation or liquid penetration such as air and oil filters, radiator grills, and silencers.

The food industry uses perforated metals as screens for coffee, moulds for cheese, and to sort produce. Many fruit and vegetable juicers use perforated metals as presses, and they are used in the production of beehives.

If you are still unsure how perforated panels impact your life all you need to do is look at the front of your microwave oven. The glass includes a perforated sheet that traps the microwaves inside your oven. The wavelengths of the microwaves are larger than the holes so the rays can’t escape through the glass in the door.

Benefits of Aluminium as a Building Material

We have already talked about the benefits of cladding, but you get additional benefits if the cladding is made of aluminium instead of other metals like steel. Firstly, aluminium is sturdy but very lightweight. Its density is about a third of steel which means equal volumes of aluminium will weigh a third as much as steel.

A thin layer of oxide naturally coats aluminium which protects it and makes it resistant to corrosion. It can also undergo various processes that further protects it from weathering such as anodising and powder coating. As your perforated aluminium suppliers, we can provide finished or unfinished product to suit your needs.

Unfinished aluminium is very reflective, so it doesn’t absorb as much heat from the sun like other building materials. Less absorbed heat means the building will stay cooler and decrease air conditioning costs.

We can make you a perforated aluminium sheet in Melbourne, or we can make it out of mild, stainless, galvanised and Corten steel as well. Contact our team at 3S Screen, and a customer service representative will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your needs.

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