Are you looking for a way to give your home or business that extra architectural factor that makes it look unique? Call 3S Screen and let us provide you with some perforated sheet metal in Melbourne.

The Benefits of Using Perforated Metal for Your Melbourne Building Project

From building facades to balustrade infill, perforated metals have become a popular material among architects and builders. There are many reasons for this growing popularity. For one thing, perforated metals look interesting. They can be cut into a variety of patterns, providing a subtle but unique visual flair. 

For another thing, perforated metal screens can provide a range of practical benefits. Some of these benefits might include:

  • Temperature Control: Whether used as door screens, building facades or stair balustrades, perforated metals help provide filtration of light and heat. They still some flow of natural light, but limit glare and heat from sunlight. As a result, using perforated metal sheeting on your building can help control the interior temperature of your home or business, thereby saving you on monthly cooling costs.

  • Acoustical Benefits: If you have ever been to a concert hall or recording studio, you may have noticed the presence of perforated metal on the walls or ceilings. Especially when used with soundproofing fill, perforated metal panels can provide major acoustical benefits. If you deal with noise pollution at your home or business—whether in the form of traffic noise or sound bleeding from one room to the next—you might consider using perforated metal for its soundproofing qualities.

  • Security and Privacy: At 3S Screen, we sell some of our perforated stainless steel in Melbourne specifically for security purposes. Perforated metals can be used as screens on windows or glass doors to provide extra privacy and security. Security is a big focus for our team at 3S Screen, so we would be happy to lend you a few pointers on what works best in this department.

As you can see, there are several reasons that you might think about ways to incorporate perforated steel, aluminium, or other metals into the architecture of your home or business. 

Design the Perfect Perforated Metal Sheets with the Help of 3S Screen

Are you thinking about using perforated steel sheets in your Melbourne home as balustrade infill? How about incorporating perforated metal into your commercial building as an eye-catching façade? Whatever you might have in mind, 3S Screen would be happy to help you brainstorm the perfect design. We can customise your perforated sheet to suit your preferences or needs. Just let us know what you are thinking regarding material, size, shape and thickness, and we will craft something ideal. We can also customise the shapes, patterns and sizes of the perforated holes, to give you a sheet that really looks unique. To get started, get in touch with today or request a project price quote via our website.

Give Your Home or Business a Special Architectural Touch with Perforated Stainless Sheet Metal from Melbourne’s 3S Screen


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